an announcement

That right there is my new pop culture blog. I'm not strictly talking about things only I care about in it, I swear. I double-swear that this won't affect my livejournal performance. My LJ entries will remain as shoddy and infrequent as they've ever been.


I have three posts on there right now, btw. The first is a sort-of review of Cloverfield, the second is a link to my "live" reactions to the Oscars as well as a puzzlingly long analysis of the problematic racial and ethnic constructs in Heroes, and the third is about a song called "What What (In Your Butt)".

I feel that I am contributing to the world. The internet needs more white nerds voicing their opinions.


It's nice to be back with the normal-talking people...

Ten Defining Pictures of the Year


Josh and Noelle time-traveled


Me, peeing on a wall




good times, good times


better times


Josh and Ali, looking intense


Yellow dress




Jess and Anne drunk at sonar


Blinded by the lights, dizzy new heights

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good news, everyone!

Sweeney Todd didn't suck at all!

Thank God!

Johnny Depp and HBC can't sing like pros, but they got by for sure.


PS: "By the Sea", "Johanna" and "A Little Priest" all ruled. In fact, Johanna and Anthony weren't as distractingly boring as usual. In fact, the kid who played Anthony did a really good job with what he was given. Even "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" managed to not bore me, which is rare.

some silliness in the form of commercials

I just decided to put some funny commercials on my journal today. Don't ask what this says about me.

This one is especially awesome..."his beard has alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body."

"The Most Interesting Man in the World

And y'all have already seen this one, probably...but I love it.

K-Fed makes fun of himself...pretty well

Tomorrow or later today, I'm gonna actually post something interesting. I swear.



You've all also probably seen this, but it's always worth another look.

Be Kind. Rewind.

Whoever thought of pairing Mos Def and Jack Black is a genius.

with his weird cologne and his magic hair

She said let's put a plastic bag over our heads
and then kiss and stuff 'til we get dizzy and fall on the bed.
We were in heaven for five or six minutes, then we passed out
and I was so in love I thought I knew what love was all about.

In church on sunday making out in front of the preacher.
You had a black shirt on with a big picture of Nietzsche.
When we had done our thing for a full christian hour,
I had made up my mind that there must be a higher power.

A higher, higher power.
A higher, higher power.

At a Christmas-party, I'd hold your hair when you vomit,
I'd help you up to brush your teeth, and then I'd kiss your stomach.
We lie still on your bed, the room is lit only by the tele
and it's a perfect night for feeling melancholy.

A higher, higher power.
A higher, higher power.

More actual updates soon.


it makes sense

he decorated his long flowing beard with baubles and such.

his robes were always beautiful, bold colors (and frequently worked well with his eyes).

he was worldly, friendly, witty, and he held onto his past (especially the romantic one) pretty tightly.

he saw through Tom Riddle's charm, and was a wonderful reader of people.

Of fucking course Dumbledore was gay.

(Albus/Grindlewald=Buffy/Angel...just saying)